These images are a type of traditional photographic enlargement, but instead of film as the source, they are created from physical objects – U.S. currency. The product of my initial process appears to be somewhat like a photogram, with inverted tones. Later, each print is treated with another unique chemical process that allows for the literal removal of dark emulsion from the print. The resulting photograph is a rather mysterious and eerie combination of visuals, comparing and contrasting typography and illustration with historical or patriotic undercurrents.

What I enjoy about these photographs are their intricate designs, beautiful tones and unusually wedded imagery. However, I believe these prints may be subject to interpretation based upon the context of the location and time frame in which they are viewed. It might be difficult to separate their content from the politics of the day due to their loaded iconography. For now, they may be perceived as an allegory about the pursuit of riches, reflections on our national heritage or even a commentary about economic status. But after a while, their meanings may evolve along with the state of our country.